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Treatment For:

  • Trauma and PTSD Treatment

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • ​Life transitions, Relationships and Grief

  • Individual Therapy, ​Couples and Families

  • Young Adults and Teens.


Individual Counseling


Get one-on-one support with this traditional therapy format. Schedule at a time that works for you, and decide if you'd like to meet virtually or in person, indoors, or on the trail.


Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy


If you have tried traditional therapy and need to heal deep trauma, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy may be a good fit for you. We use a holistic approach to tailor this treatment to your needs.


Therapy Your Way


What does "Your Way" mean?

Not everyone needs an hour in the office. In addition to Wilderness and Psychedelic therapy, we offer hour, two hour, four hour and 20 minute sessions (Yes! That short!) to meet your specific needs.

$50 - $550

Wilderness Therapy Retreats


Join or create a 1 to 5 day retreat for yourself, your family or your group. Each retreat offers processing and skill building time, as well as the a solo wilderness experience. 

$800 - TBD

The Process

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Our process is simple: We start with safety and relationship. Your hurts were caused by others - family, friends, partners or the world at large - those hurts are most likely to be healed when you fin yourself in a safe relationship with your therapist. ​As we progress, we will dive into skill development, practicing mindfulness and DBT skills, changing your perspective and beliefs about yourself. With skills well established, our work can progress in deeper ways: full body climbing experiences, hikes, solo trips and even psychedelic-assisted therapy.


Mission Statement

To serve our clients through innovative experiential therapies, in contact with nature, and with mindfulness towards underserved populations. 


Values Statement

We practice integrity and transparency in everything we do. We value vulnerability and strive to act bravely while bettering ourselves and our practice on behalf of our clients.

Wild and Wonderful Life is a private pay therapy practice that specializes in innovative mental health treatment. We offer outdoor adventure and wilderness therapy, psychedelic assisted therapy, and nutritional support to aid our clients in creating a life they love. Our lens is informed by the healing connection humans have with nature, somatic psychotherapy, and a deep belief that we all have an impulse towards health and wholeness.

-The Team


Thanks for getting in touch! We will get back to you within 2 business days.

Contact Us

710 10th St Suite 220 Golden CO 80401  |  Tel: 708-740-0136

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