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Psychedelic Assisted Therapy 101: 

You have questions? We have answers!

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy FAQ:

Do you provide therapy with psilocybin? 

No, not in Colorado until September 2024 when the accountability and licensing infrastructure has been completed.

What training is needed for a therapist to be able to offer psychedelic assisted therapy?

At this moment, in Colorado, no training is required. Soon the state will have a similar training standard to Oregon, which passed legislation legalizing psychedelic assisted therapy in 2020. The current Colorado licensing draft requires 150 hours of psychedelic specific training, 40 hours of practicum, 50 hours of consultation, and a 25 hour ethics course which has not been created yet. It is vitally important that you ask any prospective therapist about their training, and if it included them having their own experiences, observation of other sessions, and mentorship.

How do I prepare for a psychedelic assisted therapy session?

Set and Setting are the key to a productive psychedelic experience. Begin by limiting your media consumption, and consider eating a plant based diet. On the day of, arrive having fasted for 3+ hours. Consider asking friends if they are open to calls or texts after your session. Ask family members for space and support. Bring your favorite blanket, pillow or personal item to your session, as well as your intentions for the session.

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