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"What will you do with your one
Wild and Wonderful Life?"
- Mary Oliver


Individual Counseling


Get one-on-one support with this traditional therapy format. Schedule at a time that works for you, and decide if you'd like to meet virtually or in person, indoors or on the trail.


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy


If you have tried traditional therapy and need to heal deep trauma, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy may be a good fit for you. We use a holistic approach to tailor this treatment to your needs.


Therapy Your Way


What does "Your Way" mean?

Not everyone needs an hour in the office. In addition to Wilderness and Psychedelic therapy, we offer hour, two hour, four hour and 20 minute sessions (Yes! That short!) to meet your specific needs.

$50 - $550

Wilderness Therapy Retreats


Join or create a 1 to 5 day retreat for yourself, your family or your group. Each retreat offers processing and skill building time, as well as the a solo wilderness experience. 

$800 - TBD

What to Expect:

Consult Call:

First Session:

Follow Up Sessions:

Start with a 20 minute consultation call to see if we are a good fit. Learn about our approach, specialties and fees. Tell us a little about yourself and ask all the questions on your mind.

Your first session will be an intake interview. We will ask you about your history, health and family. We will also work with you to create goals for your time in therapy. We will use those goals to measure your progress and fine tune our work together.

We recommend scheduling weekly follow up sessions for the first 4-6 weeks. This helps us build momentum and get to know you. Weekly sessions may be the best option for you, or you might decide that monthly intensives are the best idea. Your therapist will help you decide. 

Important Note: 

Often in therapy, you begin to feel worse before you feel better. This is because in therapy, we challenge the beliefs that are holding you back, keeping you depressed and anxious, or caught in the cycle of addiction or unstable relationships. These are the beliefs that have held you up your whole life, and when they are challenged it does not feel good. As we work through this together, you will gain the insight and ability to choose new beliefs, ones that serve you and help you get the whole and healthy life you deserve. 


This is a temporary discomfort, and our goal is to help you find hope at every point in your therapy journey. So while it can be difficult, you should still feel supported, encouraged and hopeful.

And finally, you can expect an open and compassionate presence from us. The therapeutic relationship is the perfect place to learn about yourself and explore what it means to be human. That means we welcome your human self, and we invite ourselves into the room as well. We might not always say the right thing (this is very very likely), but it is in these moments that we get the chance to be real, be human, and work towards repairing our relationship - a practice that is sadly uncommon in most relationships today. Through this repair, we ourselves also heal. 

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