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 If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love you very much.”
― Mary Oliver

Nature & Adventure

Being outside is healing. From sitting under a tree, to rock climbing - time outside has been shown to sooth the nervous system, improve sleep, reduce worry and increase concentration. You likely already knew that - time in the sunshine and mountain air can heal the soul. We see nature as a co-therapist, creating a beautiful "office" and the chance to see ourselves in a new way. 

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an experience is worth a thousand pictures. Adventure therapy is the intentional use of present-moment experience in individual or group counseling. These first hand experiences within yourself and in nature illuminate your path to change, and give you the opportunity to practice that change in the moment. Your work begins by getting to know your therapist in the safety of an office or park, and gradually working our way out into the wider world. Adventure therapy means sitting in the park, playing games, hiking, rock climbing or paddling - each experience is uniquely created for you.

Custom Retreats

Custom Retreats & Solos

Work with us, one on one, to create a life changing adventure and wilderness retreat for you, your family, or other group. 
Whether you are working with us now, or live across the country, we can work to create a retreat that will refresh, re-energize and give you the opportunity to experience the life changing effects of adventure therapy. 
Retreats can last from 3 to 6 days, with locations ranging from mountain retreat centers to back country camp sites.  ​Experiential exercises will be tailored to address your goals for the week, and could include rock climbing, SUPing, mountaineering, hiking, painting or journaling. Solo retreats are available where a therapist works with you to prepare, then facilitates your solo retreat. A facilitated solo includes a therapist and guide who are medically trained and able to assist you if you need help. They also carry extra food, water and supplies to help you stay safe. 

Contact us directly to discuss your goals and schedule your retreat. 

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