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"Treasure your relationships, not

your possessions."

- Anthony J. D'Angelo

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Teacher's Backpacking: Summer 2023!

We love teachers! Your work is tireless and thankless and we want to make sure you are taken care of in 2023.


This retreat has been created specifically for teachers, and will focus on:

  • YOUR own personal stress management and reduction.

  • How to spot and manage trauma symptoms in yourself and your students.

  • Rediscovering your resilience and strength in the most supportive environment: nature.

  • Food is included - gear support too!


Violent crimes at schools are on the rise, children and teachers have gone from in person to online and back again, and teacher retention is at it's lowest in decades. As a teacher, you are not only responsible for delivering content, but also for creating a healthy learning environment, navigating district and school politics, working with parents, and ALL the extra tasks that are added to your plate throughout the day. This retreat will feature THREE days and TWO nights of nature-shrouded silence, blue skies, beautiful views and a group that can relate to the challenges you face. 


Trauma, depression and anxiety live deep inside our bodies. They aren't things we can talk our way out of. What we need is the skills and space to feel and process. Out under the beautiful Colorado blue sky you will get that space. Each day will consist of movement, group and solo time, cooking as a group and lots of new tools to add to your box for the coming year. Plus, the friendships you'll make in this group will blow your mind.

       Join us for a mind and body opening experience that will help move you into the next level of health and healing. ​

Full trip: $350 
Please inquire for scholarships, or if you'd like to provide scholarship funds for a teacher!


Pre-Trip Zoom Call - This will take place 5 days prior to the start of your trip. On this call you will meet your fellow participants, ask questions about gear and arrange carpooling. This is your first chance to prepare and get excited about your retreat!

Day 1: Meet to carpool, sort group gear and head off to our primary location: Buffalo Peaks Loop

Each day will feature 4-6 miles of backpacking, plenty of mindfulness and self care stops - we love smelling the roses... Once we select our campsite for the day we will set up, spend some quiet time in nature and prepare for our first group.

Day 2: Wake up to the smell of strong coffee and go find a scenic spot to set your intentions for the day. After a morning gathering and breakfast, we head off for another 3-5 miles of hiking to our next campsite where we rinse and repeat!

Day 3: Today we head back to reality, and will do so with new skills, lots of support and a closing ceremony for the group. Our last group circle will be held 2-3 miles from the parking lot to give plenty of time for conversation and re-entry preparation. 

Aleya Littleton, MA, LPC
Former Middle School Science Teacher

Aleya, nerd and eternal educator, left teaching to pursue a career in adult trauma counseling after seeing the impact that family instability had on her students. She misses blowing things up with her students, but is happy knowing she is now helping their parents have better lives.

Katie Moon, MSW, LSW
Former Child Advocate

Katie, an inquisitive and energized four year old combined with a listening 80 year old, works with children to heal from trauma, and teach parents how to help their children through the unimaginable. She is forever a student of her clients and their stories. 

Dennis Adams, MA, LPCC
Former Youth Crisis Counselor

Dennis has true love for teachers and just hasn't written his cute little blurb yet! *

Full trip: $350 
Please inquire for scholarships, or if you'd like to provide scholarship funds for a teacher!
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